📅 Release Schedule

(Last updated: 21/09/24)

  • The Beauty Ran Away With the Hedgehog
  • The Villainess Is a Marionette (Hiatus)
  • I’m the Ex-Girlfriend of a Soldier
  • It’s Time to Change the Genre (Hiatus)
  • I Didn’t Mean to Seduce the Male Lead
  • Our Rainy Days of Melancholy
  • Pure White Elizabeth
  • I Became the Villain’s Mother (Hiatus)
  • The Villainess’s Survival Plan
  • The Villainess’s Survival Plan
Random Day:
  • Secret Love: Night Affair
  • Teaching the Tyrant Manners
  • I Failed to Divorce My Husband
  • NG Impossible
  • Clothing Bin of Love
  • Please Save My Child
  • Lady Baby (Hiatus)
Monthly Release Based on the Raw:
  • The Struggle of Being Reincarnated as the Marquess’s Daughter: I’ll Deal with What’s Coming to Me!
  • Hello, Nice to Meet You. Let’s Divorce. (To be)
  • The Couple in Training ~The Elite Noble Took Me as His Bride~ (To be)
  • Becoming the Villainess: Working Behind the Scenes to Make My Bias Shine (To be)
  • Villain Lady Wishes to Be Like Nightingale (To be)
  • Hello, Nice to Meet You. Let’s Divorce. (To be)
Completed Series:
  • Oneshots
  • A Kind Goblin’s Bird
  • Coffee Thief


Please note, that:

First. The above schedule may change depending on how fast we catch up to the raws. Most of our weekly releases have caught up to the raw, so this schedule will likely change in the future, especially for some of other projects which have not caught up yet.

Second. We are a group that strongly opposes the idea of abandoning our projects after we pick them up, as we feel a sense of responsibility to finish them. In order to do so, we don’t plan to pick up a new series at least until we caught up to most of the raws or unless we have more people helping us~!

Third. If there is a delay, you can expect it to be a maximum of 1-2 days long. For example, Lady Baby is scheduled for Saturday. If we don’t update it on that day, you can expect the chapter to come out on Sunday or Monday. This schedule is following GMT+08:00 timezone.

Additional notes:

– Chapters that will be released on their scheduled day (seen above) may be more than 1 chapter, in order to catch up to the raws.
– If there’s a delay we will inform you on the series’ respective channel. So make sure to grab your coupon and turn your series channel/announcement notifications ON! (discord)
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