This page is dedicated to FAQ and general information about which we are often asked by readers.

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1. How often does a series get released on the website?

It depends on the popularity of that series on our site. We judge popularity by total of views and comments of said series. If there are many readers commenting on a series on our site, it is possible that we release the series faster, maybe even the same day as raw. When the readers are shown to be really into the series, we prioritize pushing out our translations as fast as we can without harming quality. If a series is less popular, it may be delayed a bit.

2. How can we comment on this website?

Simply by creating an account.

3. Is there benefit of creating account on the GS website?

Of course, you have your own reader account which saves your reading list. You can also change this site theme (default, light, dark), setup how many pages it automatically loads whenever you read the chapter from 1-10 pages (guest with no acc only loads 1 image as they scroll down). And many more.

4. Do you give permission for other sites to share/repost your scans?

No. Here’s a kind reminder.
Do support our releases of all series we’re working on by reading on our official website! Please share to others that we never gave any sites other than our own, permission to upload any of our projects! Reuploading might also contribute to a delay of the series release. If you’re a respectful reader, kindly read all these series we have on our website and remind others to do so too. It motivates all of our staff to push with the new releases asap when you read on our site and engage with the series! When we’re working that hard to provide a quality release, it truly demotivates us when people read our projects on other sites, especially aggregators!
The only other instance in which you should see our works on another site is on bato.to under the account hazel11, or on Mangadex under gourmetscans. But we’re not actively posting there. If a posting is found under any other account, it is unauthorized, and you should contact us in #discuss-with-kitchen-🍷 channel on discord.

5. Is Gourmet Scans affiliated with any other scans group? How to be affiliated?

No, we aren’t. We’ve received several affiliate requests but since our group doesn’t generally do this, we don’t really accept them. But, we always welcome series collaborations!

6. Why do Gourmet staff have food names?

These are our code names. There isn’t really a specific reason, it’s just something unique and we enjoy calling each other’s code names. It’s like some dress code at the party but we’re in the kitchen, no? It also helps because it suits our theme as well, since we are Gourmet Scans.

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